Build motorgenerator-Bedini test-18 ru

The video shows the flow of the output radiant pulse. Radiant pulses are advancing to the 12V / 80Ah plus battery, the Banner branded solar batteries. On the oscilloscope screen we can see the impulse pulled into the oscilloscope memory and slowed down, We can observe the impulse changes spoken by Mr. Bedini. The other impulses we do not see at present have a slightly different shape, and the sharp inverted V. Pikes are measured by a 1kV probe. On the second image of the oscilloscope we see the shape of the pulse in front of the diode. It is a rectangular pulse shape with a sharp backward front of the gradient, the pulse length is less than 1ms. The impulse comes from the coil to the MJL 21194G transistor collector. The rotor speed with ferrite magnets is 626 RPM. It works with 5 coils of 4 conductors and 4 pcs of transistor per coil. The magnet is 20pcs per rotor circumference, two pieces of magnets glued together to the N poles. This magnet configuration allows us to get sharp pulses on the collector and a sharp and strong scalar south shot on the rotor.
The Banner battery has been discharged to 12.00V and is in phase reconfiguration for a radiant acquisition process.
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