Building a Simple Cob Rocket Stove (TCEG Episode 8)

What do you do when you don't have cooking gas? Build a rocket stove out of cob!

In the latest episode of Totally Crazy Easy Gardening, David The Good demonstrates how to build a simple cob rocket stove with local mud and straw... and then he and Rachel make coffee on it. Building a simple cob rocket stove takes a couple of hours or less and will have you off-grid cooking before you know it. You could build a camping stove like this with almost no materials. The cob recipe is just clay and straw. Though it's not a full cob oven like the one Joe Pierce built at the Mosswood Farm Store in Micanopy, it is a useful little cookstove... and we got hot coffee! Earth oven and stove building is fun... give it a try.
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