Building a SuperCapacitor - Step by step DIY (and getting to know the different materials)

In this experiment we build a supercap in layers consisting of (top to bottom):
* Aluminium foil
* Blended activated carbon
* Toilet paper (with sodium sulphate as electrolyte)
* Blended activated carbon
* Aluminium foil

This makes for a symmetric supercapacitor eventually holding around 0.8 volts (under almost no load). While we did perform some more experimenting during the day this experiment was mainly focussed on learning to work with the different materials.

Next up will be a supercapacitor based on graphene.

This is a response to the video of Robert Murray-Smith "How to make a supercapacitor - Step by step". If you want to find out more about building supercaps watch his instructive tutorial:

Thanks for your great step by step video Robert! Cheers!
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