Bungin Techno Village - Micro Grid Solution - Regen

Bungin Micro Grid was designed and installed by REGEN with fully funded from Universitas Indonesia and ICCTF BAPPENAS. There were 1500 Wp Wind Power System that connected by hybrid system to 720 Wp Floating Solar Power System. To boost the pure water in Bungin Site, REGENE installed 80 L/day Water Desalination powered Solar Heat and conjunction power for the pump from Hybrid System.

Bungin Micro Grid is the first system in Indonesia that do Renewable Integrated Hybrid Electricity System and Water Desalination. All sources are free and save the nature.

In Bungin, this system is operated by Bungin Techno Village, a Community Empowerment Service that has Small Medium Enterprise for regulating Bungin Micro Grid, Fishery Product Development, and Mangrove Plantation to save coastal area.
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