Camping Wood Gasification Stove Test 1

I got the idea in my sleep to modify the design of existing wood gas stoves and make one to my liking.
As you can see, it burns far more cleanly than any I have ever seen but still doesn't eat battery power too badly.
This design is very sturdy, runs on anything from semi-dry green grass to 4" wood blocks.
The cast aluminum base stays cool even after a prolonged run as long as the fan is still running, the holes a third of the way up the outside were a failed attempt to keep the stove cooler. Leave those out if you want to make one of these ^_^
The burning chamber and outer sleeve are stainless steel and it has a 1/16" hole mesh grate in the bottom
On wood it generally burns for about 1.5 hours and will run for ~6+ hours on a single 2400mA 18650 (3.7V) battery boosted to 5V.
This battery pack is also used for my cell phone, GPS, Ipod, PSP, and camera chargers as well as anything that uses a USB connector.
  • Amug

    Existuje s tej pece tecnický výkres,popis ? Ďakujem.

  • Stephen

    How about a note with the build dimensions or a URL back to a DIY?