Capacitor enhanced high voltage spark plug ( Gas vaporizer enhancer) potential fuel saver!!!

In this video I took a wire, shoved it inside a spark plug wire of a car, and then connected it to make a spark gap. Then I took a high voltage capacitor that I rolled (which measured 6nf ) and connected it in parallel to the spark gap. How it works is it when the ignition coil fires the capacitor get charged up and fired at a rate much faster than the regular spark. That's why it appears that the spark is so bright.I am not using any external energy.This is a potential fuel saver because it will be able to run a car on a leaner burn(aka lean burn technology) like firestorm plugs did. It will also help ignite fuel for fuel vaporizers, hho hydroxy converted cars, and water vapor injected cars. Also i recommend using a smaller value capacitor (like 1nf) because at higher rpms it will misfire with a high value capacitor. also use a cap rated for at least 30kv. I can not do further testing because i don't have a car. I did this demonstration on my moms car. When i say plasma on and plasma off i mean that it connect and disconnect the cap.
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