Catching Wind Power's Patented Compressed Air Wind Turbine

Catching Wind Power would like to thank everyone for their interest in their bird and bat safe turbine design. However, Mr. Green is now 92 years of age and is retiring. We will no longer be pursuing our goal of bringing wind energy to the 21 century and out of the dark ages.

Our turbines will not be available at anytime for commercial or personal use. We appreciate all the support we have had over the past 8 years.

However, if you are a manufacturer who believes in our design, we are happy to speak to you about taking over our dream.

Catching Wind Power.

CWP is an early-stage company and has patents in the USA, which were granted on 02/13/2007 and 03/16/2010. The company also has patents in New Zealand, Australia, China and 27 countries in Europe.
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