Cheap & Simple Stirling Engine Generator

This is the newest configuration of my small Stirling engine, designed to be as simple and inexpensive as possible yet reasonably durable. It uses passive thermosyphon cooling with about a gallon of water. With the generator and regulator it's able to run lights and radios, charge phones and other batteries, and a myriad of other uses.

Here are the components: SS water bottle cylinder, 2 tuna cans for heat shield and water jacket, soda can exhaust stack and water tower, threaded rod supports, cake pan base, mower tire flywheel, hard drive magnet balancer, standard 3/16" rod crank, inner tube diaphragm, aluminum bar frame, SS wool regenerative displacer, 3/4" plywood block and bearing supports, 7 stock ball bearings, a stepped pulley off Ebay, and a scrounged inkjet motor for the generator.

It's a little loud but not overly so. With the handle it's easily carried around. You'll notice that it takes very little time to get up to about 1,000 rpm when I crank up the heat.

Although it will run on many fuels, for my purposes propane is the most convenient. I refill my own propane bottles for about $1 each.

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