Clay Douglas & Paul Pantone GEET January 16, 2014 9:00 AM

Paul Pantone is the heart and soul of Global Environmental Energy Technology, which is known by many as GEET (www.geetinternational.com). In many ways, he has been the keeper of the promise that his technology, through the plasma energy that it generates and utilizes, holds for humanity.

What does GEET mean?
GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology. It also is a religious holiday in India and Pakistan as Geet means the scent the God gave to the flowers blooming in Spring.

What is GEET?
Will GEET work with my engine?
GEET is a Self Induced Plasma Generator. Or in simple terms, it is a device to reduce emissions while improving your mileage.

How does GEET work?
When the exhaust from a normal engine leaves the engine it contains a lot of unburned fuels and this is the pollution we end up having to breathe. The exhaust is so hot that here in Oklahoma, (USA), firetrucks can not have a catalytic convertor on them or they can start more fires than they are trying to extinguish. These hot and dirty emissions are before a GEET is installed. GEET begins by taking the "new Vaporized Fuel" up to the engine, while in a constant vacuum, through the center of the path of the exhaust leaving the engine. There is a rapid exchange of heat from the exhaust into the "new fuel". The "New fuel" is called "GEET GAS". GEET GAS implodes, pulling heat from the block of the engine and this reduces the heat buildup in the engine and the oils used for lubrication will last much longer.

Will GEET work with my engine?
GEET can be adapted to fit ANYTHING that uses fuel. So YES.
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