Clean Tech Investing in 2015 - Novel Ways to Fund Your Start-up

Many traditional early stage investors have de-emphasized clean tech or pulled out altogether, so where can you go to fund your new company?

Many traditional venture investors are still participating in this sector, although they tend to be smaller and more focused. But there are many others. Have you considered private equity, corporate venture funds, federal or state grants, international venture investors, prizes or family offices? Come hear about these less well-known new funding sources and get advice from the experts.

Jeff Byron, Band of Angels
Kacy Gerst, ARPA - E
Scott Jacobs, EFW Partners
Mark Pacelle, Philips
Oliver Janssen, MVP Renewables
Bruce Bauer, Global BSN
Mark Perutz, DBL Ventures

Moderator: Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media
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