Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation or Geoengineering?

This Challenge explores technological & societal challenges and environmental impacts & implications, associated with Global Climate Change. The Challenge takes an introductory look at the policy and technology solutions available, and allows students to creatively explore out-of-the-box solutions, from the point of view of University of Exeter’s world-leading researchers in this area. In particular, the use of unconventional and emerging technology such as social media, fashion, mobile apps, geoengineering, etc to create student-led solutions to Climate Change.

This is a research-inspired, innovative, multi-disciplinary, enquiry-led learning experience that encourages you to improve your employability & academic skills whilst tackling one of the world's greatest contemporary issues. The module is student-led, enabling you to work with fellow students to shape your own educational experience. You will network with employers, alumni, honorary graduates, local businesses and the local community.

Students will be encouraged to do their own research and explore the challenges that climate change present.
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