Climate Change Drives Extreme Weather, Says New Research

If you've been living in America's Northeast or Eastern Europe, this news may not shock you: There's more science to support a warming planet is making for some crazy weather.

Scientists at Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Research released a study that links recent weather extremes with manmade global warming. Using a combination of physics, statistical analysis, and computer simulations, the researchers concluded that the high amount of weather extremes, including severe floods, record hot summers, and a serious increase of tropical storms and hurricanes, are all symptomatic of what is likely the warmest decade for the past millennium.

"It is very likely that several of the unprecedented extremes of the past decade would not have occurred without anthropogenic global warming," says the study.

Just great. Time to rewatch The Day After Tomorrow and start designing swim trunks that can double as an arctic weather suit.
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