CNC Cutting 16 Gauge Slots in Acylic Boyce Box HHO

This just some quick shots taken with my cell phone of the CNC Bridge Port Mill cutting the 16 gauge slots in 1 inch acrylic. The first part is of the mill cutting the bottom and the second part is of the sides being cut. At the end is some pics of the box with slots all done and the protective coating removed. The peace were just put in place and have not been solvent welded together yet, just in case some small changes might have to me made. Each peace takes about 6-7 hours from time the mill is turned on until the program has ended. It kind of looks like the mill has snow on it when it is all done. HHO

Thank to ccmixter,org and scottaltham........ http://ccmixter.org/files/scottaltham/18952
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