Colemans Printing - 100kW Schletter Carport and Rooftop Solar Installation by CountrySolar NT

Transforming car park space into a revenue stream w hich is good for the planet and provides shade and shelter!

Colemans Printing Solar Carport:
• First Schletter solar carport structure installed worldwide without concrete
• First Schletter solar carport structure in the NT
• First Schletter solar carport with cyclonic coding
• First solar carport in the Darwin city centre

This iconic installation brings together German and Australian ingenuity by fusing the German designed and built structure (Park@Sol from Schletter) with the Australian invented and made, concrete-free Surefoot foundation system.

In order to bring these two feats of engineering together, Country Solar NT worked with Surefoot in Melbourne and local companies MPJ Foundation Solutions and Asset Services to devise and build a joining piece. This piece both protects and raises the structure without concrete, making it the first of its kind in the world.
Concrete, along with being emissions intensive, is slow to install and very bulky. This sleek, attractive solution has achieved the same goals without sacrificing car bays or structural integrity.

System Design & Performance:
The two carport structures support 60.48 kW of 280 W JA Solar panels, which connect to SolarEdge inverters for per-panel online monitoring from any computer or smart device. This system works together with 39.48 kW of 280 W JA Solar panels installed on the roof of the main Colemans Printing building giving a combined system size of 99.96 kW.

Based on SolarEdge modelling, the expected average daily output from the system will exceed 450 kWh/day reducing onsite power consumption by an estimated 40%. This translates to a CO2 saving of 66,289 tons which is equivalent to 221,526 planted trees!

About Country Solar NT:
Country Solar NT is a family-owned business that was established in Darwin in early 2010. The business has since grown along with the solar industry in Australia and is now the largest PV installer in the NT. In 2015, Country Solar NT was named the Telstra Northern Territory Business of the Year.
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