Colorful Ferrofluid!

The coolest substance on earth just got colorful!

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Ferrofluid is an astonishing liquid that reacts in amazing ways in the presence of a magnetic field.

Made up of nano-scale iron particles, undisturbed ferrofluid forms into a smooth pool. Add the presence of a magnet and you're in for a show!

Colorful Ferrofluid in a Bottle makes it easy to interact with this fascinating substance. Suspended in a transparent solution, a generous 100 mL of ferrofluid can be pulled, spiked, twirled, tossed, dropped, bridged, and even made to dance.

Ferrofluid, normally confined to industrial applications, is naturally jet black. Colorful Ferrofluid is the result of clever chemical machinations that have retained ferrofluid's magnetic properties but infused it with a vibrant hue.

Includes a powerful neodymium magnet. Available in gold and blue.


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