Combined Heat and Power: Integrated Solutions in Germany's Energy Transition

The Institute on the Environment, the Energy Transition Lab, and the College of Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota invite you to view a presentation on combined heat and power (CHP) by the person in Germany's federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy who helped shape Germany's new CHP policy. Jens Acker will be in Minnesota as part of the ongoing energy policy exchange between Germany and Minnesota. He is the new point person for renewable energy at Germany's Embassy in Washington D.C.

Germany's energy transition requires action in four linked areas: a redesign of the electricity market, GHG reductions in power generation, grid expansion, and an expansion of combined heat and power (CHP). CHP is the most efficient method of fossil fuel energy generation, and can also be used in bioenergy facilities. Discuss Germany's energy transition with a focus on CHP with one of the policy experts who helped shape Germany's policy.
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