Community DIY Renewable Energy with Debra Rowe

Can you "off the grid" and stop paying for utilities? How does this fit in with the New Work vision of more time for doing what you love?

Debra Rowe is the President for the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development (, Senior Advisor for the Detroit Green Skills Alliance (, and teaches a Renewable Energies and Sustainable Living course at Oakland Community College (; that page (scroll to the bottom) includes DIY plans for solar cooking, heating and hot water.

Re. how to change government policies to make it easier to install solar and other renewable energies, check out this draft letter (handout #3) you can adapt and send to legislators: (Handout #6 there tells you how to find your air quality person at the state; also check and to figure out where to send this.)

Re. community solar, go to the Great Lakes Renewable Energies Association at and click on Community Solar.

Recorded 11-20-14 by Mark Linsenmayer.
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