Compact HHO 32 Plate Dry Cell For Motorcycles - Build Part 3

So in my last video, I was doing some mockups and showing the setup of this moto cell, for small engines and motorcycles. I have since completed cutting my gaskets and plates. Next, cut the holes and fabricate the plate layouts.

While I am designing and beginning the construction of version 2 for my main cell, I am building a very small cell, that will be able to be used for motorcycles and smaller engines.

The total size of the cell will be about 6" in length, use 32 plates total with a production surface area of 162", and be powered by 12-14V consuming 15-25 amps.

That will produce apx 2-3 lpm average, which will provide quantifiable results for most motorcycles and small engines.

I am not designing this for engine to solely operate on hho, but provide apx 50% of the fuel supply, so that no engine modifications would be required at all.


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