Compressed air turbo alternator

A computer fan is mounted on a tiny three phase alternator. A christmas tree light loads up the alternator so only two of the three phases are used. The meter shows maximum voltage generated. The alternator has eight poles so I can use the frequency function on my meter to measure speed. The fastest speed was 29,000 rpm. I found out a way to increase the speed to 33,000 rpm but the fan blades let go with a loud bang! I don't think fan blades were meant to spin that fast. The alternator was a motor from a video player. The second part of the video shows the magnetic hub removed so you can see the alternator. There are three motors in a video player 1. spins the drum which reads the tape 2. Winds the tape 3. Ejects the tape cassete. If you liked this video I have another video you may like
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