Concentrated Solar Cell Test with Fresnel Lens

I use a large fresnel lens to test the effect of concentrated sunlight on a solar cell. To keep the solar cell cool I immerse it in mineral oil. I measure the voltage, current and the temperature. But I also test it without the cooling and sure enough, the solar cell is destroyed by the concentrated sunlight. The fresnel lens is one I got from a rear projection TV.

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In this one I use a small fresnel lens to concentrated sunlight onto a solar cell made from a transistor "How to Make a Solar Cell using a Transistor (2N3055)":

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In case you're curious where I normally use this mineral oil, it's for the Cockroft-Walton voltage multiplier board for my 75kV high voltage power supply. You can see it here:

The photo of solar power in winter was taken by me while working with Ottawa Solar Power ( on a solar installation job.

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