Container Houses Lower Hidden & Maintenance Costs

Container Houses Lower Hidden & Maintenance Costs.
A lot of people do not take into consideration the hidden costs when buying a house and only consider the mortgage payment. True, a container home may not be that much less expensive than a traditionally built home, initially. That is because the shell of any house is a minor part of the direct construction cost of the house of which the direct construction cost of a house is about 49% of the total price of the house. Where you really save with a shipping container home is on the hidden costs. Hidden costs will be maintenance, re-roofing, termite control, repairing the home from wind damage or tree damage, snow removal from the roof, partial roof collapse, water infiltration problems, and mold and a host other of other problems that plague traditionally built houses. In additional to saving on maintenance and repairs, you should also be able to save on home-owners' insurance and real estate estates.
And since the container house has a very strong flat roof, the roof space of the container house could be used as an elevated patio and /or an area for a potted plant garden. That would be especially beneficial if you had a small lot and wanted to make use of all the available space o the lot.
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