Convert your Ebike to a Generator - Part 1

Get some exercise and convert your electric bike into a generator! Part 1 is working on the electrical components.

During summer, you see so many people riding around on their ebike. But when winter or the rainy season comes, they usually sit neglected for a number of months.

I decided that I'd do something more with my ebike this year and convert it to a generator. That way I can get exercise by riding it as a stationary bike and also generate some power at the same time.

Since the bike is electric, it already has a DC motor. All we need to do is spin that motor and smooth out the power that's coming out of it.

In this first part, I finish the electrical modifications to the bike. I add a 3-way switch and two terminals. This allows us to switch between the bike acting like a regular ebike or acting like a generator. Very simple wiring but made a little tricky by space constraints.

You can replicate my own work to modify your direct drive or hub motor electric vehicle into a generator.

Come back for part two where we make some mechanical modifications, like splitting the chain and reconnecting it so the pedals drive the DC motor directly.

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