Crisis creates Opportunity.

Out of every crisis comes a great Opportunity.

From Chernobyl sprang the great human thinking, motivated by both fear & hope.

German economist Hermann Scheer invented the Solar Payment Policy, aka, Feed in Tariff.

This is the greatest human policy ever invented, because it allows us to harness solar energy, from homes and use it, aggregate it,
to shut down all nukes on earth. It is happening.

PM Angela Merkel was as bad as Trump when she was elected.
She opposed solar energy and wanted nukes & coal.

Only after she saw Fukushima explode did she change her mind.

Now President Trump will change his mind when he sees the

Earth Quake of 2017 explode Diablo Canyon.
It will happen. Suddenly Trump will be pro Solar.

There now twice as many Jobs building 50 panel solar carports, as there are jobs in coal

It was Chernobyl that inspired Germany to invent the greatest policy ever to solve global warming: the Solar Payment Policy.

The Chinese symbol for Opportunity is the same as CRISIS.

April 25th. Germany is going 100% solar by requiring Utilities to
pay solar homeowners $0.99 kwh . This is the Solar Payment Policy.

Today 2017, Germany just generated 51% of all its energy from solar.

That is the cost to shift from nukes to 100% solar in 20 year.

We must throw all the money we have at shutting down all nukes, and
going to 100% solar, like Germany is doing by 2022.-- Harvey Wasserman.

We must shut Diablo Canyon atomic reactor in SLO, Calif.
which sits atop 13 quake fault lines. All very active in 2017.

Shut Diablo to prevent an atomic meltdown when
the Big One hits California in 2017. -- David Grace

Read Herman Scheer's "Energy Imperative" & "Global Cooling" by Hans Joseph Fell. Explains how the world going 100% solar in 20 years.

Just like the drought of 2006, that caused the civil war in Syria,
which the US is still using to attack Syria, to try to
overthrow the legitimate government,

So too, after Chernobyl, the US CIA overthrew the elected gov. in the Ukraine & put an open supporter of Hitler into power in the Ukraine.
The US is almost always on the wrong side.
Defeat the puppet gov. of the Ukraine.

#1 issue we face is global warming.
Each person must build a 50 solar panel carport. Youtube: paul8kangas

The #1 best solution is for each family to build a 50 panel solar carport today.

There is no safe way to build an atomic reactor.
The continuing medical costs, payments to the disabled, waste storage, security costs will bankrupt Japan, the US & Russia if we do not do like Germany and replace all nukes with solar. We really can do it.
Germany has done it.

April 25: In 1983 the Israeli military bombed a Russian atomic reactor in Iraq,
so there is still suspicion that Israeli intelligence actually
hacked Chernobyl, to cripple its computers, causing the explosion.

The investigation continues.

There now twice as many Jobs building 50 panel solar carports, as there are jobs in coal
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