Crystal cell Earth battery design with 1.3v even when shorted.

This was a Earth batter circuit I got off somewhere on you tube similar to an old design (Stubblefield) used by wireless operators when using Morse code to communicate across large expanses of rail road track.. So I gather, but I added a variation of using piezoelectric crysals so it is also like a crystal cell battery.. I recall I was in a rush when I made it, about 6 months ago, and threw it in the draw. Just pulled it out as I was researching longditutinal waves where I saw Eric Dollard talk about high voltage capacitors in a close circuit with coils that produce such waves, though it had some similarity to this crystal cell Earth battery so I retrieved it from the draw and had a play. Apparently capacitors have a dielectric effect which when coupled with a coil may create longitudinal waves if harmonic induction/oscillation is achieved. Well, I don't think this thing does much of that but it is interesting how it holds the voltage. Its recovery of volts is possibly dielectric absorption.
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