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Cycloturbine - Vawt - Giro-mill - Darrieus - Windmill - Wind turbine

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Darrieus machines with straight vertical axis blades are called Vawt's or Giro-mills a variant of the Giro-mill is the cycloturbine which uses a wind vane to mechanically orient a blade pitch change mechanism. Quiet, Silent, Eco friendly, will not injure birds or bats, no low pressure area created.

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  • Peter Sharp Added Beautiful VAWT! Congratulations. Actually, the first Giromill, built around 1980 by the McDonnell Corp., was a cycloturbine. the term Giromill used to represent a fixed-blade H-rotor Darrieus is probably the result of somebody's mistake in understanding a photo of the Giromill -- by not realizing it was a cycloturbine. Some cycloturbines use a tail vane, but some don't need a tail vane; the blades can adjust themselves to the velocity of their apparent wind.
    I really like how fast your cycloturbine is spinning in almost no wind. Mine behaves similarly.
    Darrieus patented a cycloturbine with straight blades, an "eggbeater" with fixed blades, and an H-rotor with fixed blades. Unfortunately, they all suffer from dynamic stall. So do most cycloturbines unless the blades can adjust to changes in the tip speed ratio.