Da Vinci wheel full test, Gravity Wheel, Virtual physics

This animation shows a virtual physics simulation of a 3D model based the Da Vinci sketch of what is suggested to be Da Vinci's Gravity Wheel. Not that I believe Da Vinci ever thought it would actually be a functioning perpetual motion device but rather perhaps just a sketch to stimulate imagination. The virtual 3D model is placed within a virtual physics environment which accounts for geometry, , mass, elasticity, motion and gravity. No friction is applied between the moving components.
After a virtual push is given to get the wheel going, after a short time it is seen to slow and reverse, providing a strong indicator that if constructed for real such a "wheel" would not run perpetually as has sometimes been suggested. This animation provides an indication of the likely outcome of a built version and which I hope will give cause to pause to anyone planning to try.
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