Dale Pond Explains Keely's Water Implosion Device. Giza Pyramid.

Dale Pond discovered that John Keely understood the basic underlining concept of Nature's energy production. Using the method of implosion, resonance and water as an integral component of the 'moving parts' within the device, Dale Pond showed that Keely used Nature's 'female' side of energy to produce, change and amplify it's form.

By placing water under pressure and as the key part of his machine, it was used to create a 'water hammer' effect in order to 'amplify' it's effects. This technology is directly related to how the Great Pyramid operates as a working machine. John Cadman discovered that the subterranean chamber was used to generate a shock wave or 'water hammer' effect also in order to create a 'pulse' to be transferred to the upper chambers to amplify and change the form of energy, exactly how Keely's chambers on his device were used for.

This is a technology that the banking and oil cartels have been suppressing for many years.

Dale Pond's Research

John Cadman's Research on the Pyramid Pump.

Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Sympathetic Vibration, John Cadman, Giza Pyramid, The Great Pyramid, Pyramid Pulse Pump, Microwaves
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