Daniel's Linear Induction Motor

(Check out Daniel at 18 singing his senior song at LACHSA:

Daniel and I built a Linear Induction Motor for a school science project from scratch and used it to accelerate a car, with various conductors at different temperatures.
. This type of motor is used accelerate some roller coasters and could be used to accelerate payloads into orbit or beyond.

More details on construction:
We used a 3 phase 220V power supply available in my laboratory. The motor consists of a line of electromagnets made by wrapping magnet wire (#16) around 3/4 inch bolts (non-stainless-steel) that were mounted to a wood board (1 foot x 4 ft). Each one of the 3 phases was wired in series to every 3rd coil, so alternating 1,2,3,1,2,3, etc., with 4 cycles. We used conventional wall switches for each phase, so the 3 switches must all be thrown to start the motor. We wired the electromagnets in series in order to reduce the current load. Even so, the motor can be switched on only for 5 seconds before the magnet wire heats up and starts burning off insulation. This is long enough however to accelerate the car, which consists of a piece of aluminum (best) or copper resting on an unshaped soap-box derby car. All this was done with stuff from OSH except for the magnet wire which was from McMaster-Carr.
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