Dave Lawton WFC HHO Replication 3

Dave Lawton Replication WFC system.

At 5amps, 12 volts - 60 WATTS!!! it cranks out hydrogen. I believe Dave used 5 cells at approximately 5 amps. I can only put 3 tube cells in due to the size of the spacers, so I thought I would see how it would produce with 5 amps.

This is NOT hooked up to alternator, only to a 12 volt power supply.
I have NOT seen this kind of production anywhere, and I mean anywhere with only 60 WATTS.
I am confident that with the right electronics, this can be improved as its on its lowest resonance point.

You can hear it resonate when it starts ringing.

Please donate so I can continue my research.

More to come..just waiting for electronic components.
  • Ranto

    how many liter per minute of HHO gas can you make out of it ?