Design of Graphene Oxide Materials for Supercapacitors

The goal of our group is the creation of a high performance supercapacitor using reduced graphene oxide as the cathode material. Supercapacitors are currently of great interest due to their extremely rapid charging and discharging times, and their ability to fill the need for a power supply that is in-between that of a capacitor and battery. Our design, using reduced graphene oxide, will aim to push the boundaries of the state of the art while maintaining low manufacturing costs. Supercapacitors have a wide range of applications available, including capturing waste energy from the braking system of vehicles, being short term redundant power supplies or supplementing backup power devices. The design goal of this project is to produce a supercapacitor device to demonstrate the feasibility of these applications. Donovan Chaffart, Bryce Robson, Alvin Tsou, Jeremy Vandenberg
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