Development of a lightweight 200 W DMFC Stack for UAV applications and flight demonstration

Fuel cell powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) have several advantages over conventional types of UAV because it emits no pollution and does not require separate generators to produce electricity for operating the electronic components.
Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) have been recognized as alternative power sources due to its high energy density, the ease of transport of methanol, eliminating the requirement for fuel reforming.
We successfully flew the UAV powered by the 200 W DMFC system.
Although a number of researchers have developed fuel cell powered UAVs, a majority of the flight demonstration is based on hydrogen/air fuel cell.
Therefore, it should be highlighted that the DMFC based UAV flight demonstration presented here is for the first time in history.
This work demonstrates that the DMFC technology can be applied to small-scale UAVs.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, INHA University, Republic of Korea
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