dismantling a solar water heating header unit

We have dismantled a solar water heating header unit, stripping away the stainless steel body and its insulation to show you the essential components. The 40mm copper pipe which is where you usually connect the flow and return pipes to your secondary coil in you hot water cylinder.

In the video clip you can see the image of the forty millimetre pipe with the slugs cross welded into it, this is the pipe where your high heat transfer fluid will flow.
It is heated by the copper tip at the top of the heat pump that is contained within the evacuated solar water heated tube. In the demonstration you can see how simple the installation is with the copper condenser being pushed up into the cross welded lugs, although you will include some conductive paste when assembling the solar water heating array for real. There is little room for failure of this type of solar water heating array because non of the system fluid flows via the tube itself. So unlike U tube solar water heating systems the system fluid will not be lost if a tube gets broken or if a seal perishes. U tube systems use O rings to seal the evacuated tube to the solar array header unit. In the event of a tube being broken in the system demonstrated all the system fluid will be kept and you will only lose a percentage of the solar heating harvested from the sun!
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