DIY 13kw 18650 Mobius Tesla Powerwall 2.5kw Solar Grid Tie limiter with Battey Backup

Here is a video of my DIY Powerwall Grid Tie Setup
Here is a link to lead acid and lithium paralleling
I am not taking credit for this part, as Christiane did all the work. I am just stating that I used his ideas
Here is my setup
Solar Panels:
4ea Canadian Solar 315w Panels
4ea Hanwha Qcell 330w Panels
All 8 in series connected to a combiner box with 6 sets of inputs
This is connected to the schneider electric MPPT 60/800 charge controller.
The charge controller is connected to the 2ea Sun 1000w Grid Tie inverters (110v each to make 220v total)(1ea of them is being tested for something else at the moment, so it is not connected)

The Sun 1000GTI has the built in DC limiter set to 12amps

Grid Tie Inverters and Batteries:
The wiring from the Sun 1000GTI goes through a shunt to a rotary disconnect. (Rotary disconnect can connect 1, 2 or 1 &2 battery strings)
From the switch splits off to two different 100amp fuse blocks.
1st fuse block has 2ea 48v Lithium battery setups (4ea 12v Mobius medical power packs in series with BMS (25.6AH, 1.1kw)and 2ea DIY 12v packs and 2ea Mobius packs in parallel with BMS (26.5AH, 1.1kw ) it also has a 48v Tesla battery (12s77p custom battery from Edison Power LLC) 5.7kw 114 AH
2nd fuse block has 1ea 48v lithium battery (4ea 12v Mobius medical batts in series with BMS (26.5AH, 1.1kw) this also has a 48v tesla battery (12s77p custom battery) 5.7kw 114AH
4 sets of 4ea 12v 7ah Sealed Lead acid batteries in a 48v config
In total I should have around 13kw worth of battery backup

Sorry if I went through everything kind of quickly. But I made the video pretty fast and sloppy. Heck I even knocked some stuff over during my process.

As for the Teslas I have only had them for a few days and they came balanced and so far they are staying balanced. I have a ZEVA 12S BMS coming from AU, but it wont be here till Friday
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