DIY Air Conditioner! - Cool "blue-lit" AC Air Cooler! - (holds 40lbs of ice) - can be solar powered!

DIY Air Conditioner! This Cool "blue lit" AC Air Cooler is one of my most powerful ice-based air coolers. holds large ice-blocks (up to 50lbs) and blows cool air for hours. can be powered by 12v solar panel, 12v battery or wall current (w/ 12v ac/dc transformer). very easy to construct. is made using a plastic tote, 2 lighted 80mm 12v computer case fans (blue-lit/but choose your color) and 3 pvc couplers (1.5" threaded). when fully loaded w/ice it significantly cools an area of 8x10 to 10x10 for several hours. *during filming temps in front of house (near the cooler) dropped from 83F to 76F. i loaded it up w/2 large ice-blocks (approx. 20lbs each) and after 7 hours was still left with 2 good sized pieces. *i originally bought a clear tote so that i could easily see (and show) the ice-melt over time. lighting the tote w/lighted fans was an afterthought... but they make it look pretty cool (esp. at night). notes *i designed the air cooler so that the fans can be easily removed/or exchanged, (any 80mm fan works so you can run different colored ones, unlighted ones, ones of different speeds etc...anytime you want). if you like the vid. please rate, subscribe and share. note: for easy handling i put out a video on how to make "Rope Handles" for the large ice blocks. if interested here's the link https://youtu.be/jprPmM834Yg
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