DIY Air Liquefier Build- Liquid Nitrogen Generator

I built a cryocooler based air liquefier It reaches temperatures low enough to make liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and possibly many more. I am able to pump down the chamber, than fill it up with an atmosphere of any gas at whatever pressure in between by using the valves and flow meters. The problem with it is the output is a bit slow and it uses a ton of electricity.

Here's what I paid for it:
cryopump, compressor, hoses $100 (rare)
vacuum pump $49
everything else $120 (not including the water chiller, I already had that)

It was a fun build and I can really use the Ln2 for upcoming projects. If I liquefy a really cold gas (below 30K) I'll make another video, but I doubt this setup can.

Liquid nitrogen is quite dangerous, it will give you frost bite or worse. You can touch it for a second but any longer and it will start burning. Liquid oxygen will do that but can also make even a spark turn into a massive explosion. Use common sense

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