DIY Backyard Pet Waste Digester

A project of Madison WI
Due to a lack of oxygen in landfills, the decomposition of food scraps and pet waste produce methane, a greenhouse gas.
That's why it is illegal to put pet waste in the trash.
Digesters are the easiest way to compost any type of kitchen scraps, including meat, breads, dairy, and processed foods. Since these food scraps often attract rodents, the enclosed, half-buried digester acts as a deterrent.
Digesters can also be used to compost pet waste, and they work very well in small backyards when the goal of composting is waste diversion as opposed to soil building.
The same digester can be used for both kitchen scraps and pet waste.
Biobags used to collect pet waste can be added to the digester.
Wait at least 2 years before harvesting a digester used for pet waste, and never put this finished compost near edible crops.
If you are composting pet waste, be sure to locate the digester far from your veggie garden and fruit bearing trees or plants so the leachate doesn't reach your food crops.
Thanks to Lucky, Auggie Guinn and family, Bibith, and Bad Dog Frida ( Special thanks to Brent Goodman for his music.
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