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Sometimes back while I was fishing at Bedok Jetty with friends, we were talking about how far we can achieved by using different casting techniques. As the place we were at was quite crowded, I had this wild idea of making something that could shoot out the bait to a longer distance without much sweat and wouldn't be restricted by the space and human factors. We came out with lot's of crazy ideas including having a crossbow etc...

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About a year ago, someone shared a video about the Bait Launcher that is commercially constructed and sold for almost USD$1000! The Bait Launcher used compressed air to shoot out the bait which was frozen in the bait mold with the sinker or weight in it.

Not long ago I came across another video on YouTube here about the famous DIY Potatoes Launcher, some were build with butane gas and some were with the compressed air. I searched tons of videos about this projects and finally I started to construct one for the fishing.

It was quite easy and the Bait Launcher was build with a price tag of under S$50. (not including the electric air pump). Was excited about it and went for the first test at Sembawang at Singapore, was satisfied with the performance.

The electric air pump I used has a limit of 58psi, I used a bicycle air pump to increased the compression up to 70psi on my second test. The distance improved almost double with the increased compression and the DIY casting rig I made.

Finally, I figured that I could use it for fishing, went to East Coast Park here in Singapore with the DIY Bait Launcher, due to the wind and low ground I wasn't pleased with the results initially. I went up to a Jetty which's higher from the sea level, it did what it was build for. Although I didn't caught any fish from the trip and test, I am happy that my fishing gallery had a new toy added.

00:11 The Shoots
00:25 First Test at Sembawang
02:33 Second Test at Sembawang too
04:58 Third & Final Test at East Coast Park
07:33 Teaser from Air Papan Beach

Next video will be featured the trip I made to Air Papan beach with the DIY Air Compressed Bait Launcher Ver. 2.0, stay tuned for the actions.

Watch the video of me fishing with the Bait Launcher here


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