DIY foundry crucible furnace

Making my own foundry furnace at home for melting aluminum.
I came up with this design based on what i've seen others doing on You-tube, both DIY and pro guys (especially Tubalcain).
I'm a firm believer that you get out what you put in. This project took about 6 weeks of part time work to do. Nothing was outsourced for fabrication. Everything was designed on the computer first. The acrylic brick moulds were made in one of the shops I regularly deal with that has a CNC.
This furnace was designed around the need for single person operation and portability. I also had large reservations about casting the refractory cement (which is very expensive) in one piece.
This would have also made the finished furnace body unmovable by one person. Casting bricks also allowed easer/effective/controlled construction and assembly. This also makes it very easy to dismantle and clean the unit.
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