DIY Foundry - Inspecting Refractory Pour - 2nd attempt - B-roll 2016-08-16

This is some B-roll (extra footage) that may go into our foundry construction video. The entire process will be clearly shown in future videos.

What you are looking at:

* The black metal is a standard 55 gallon steel drum.

* The cardboard tubes are 8" and 12" Sakrete concrete form tubes from Home Depot. They are sold in 4' lengths, and I cut it down with a box cutter and heavy scissors.

* The floor mat / foam padding is 24"x24" 3/8" thick EVA foam.

* The refractory cement is roughly ...

++ 5 parts used Mizzou Plus, not cured, from the "What to do with a failed foundry shell casting" video.

++ 5 parts new Mizzou Plus

++ 1 part Quikrete 1004-50 concrete, without the gravel
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