DIY Gas Furnace - Melting Gold and Silver

http://www.goldnscrap.com This short video demonstration shows how i built a small gas fired crucible melting furnace with some basic tools and equipment.
This makeshift furnace is capable of melting couple of pounds of Gold, Silver and Copper in one melt easily.

I already had most of the equipment and the only thing i actually needed to buy for this project was the insulation blanket.

The silver that was melted in this video was refined using electrolytic cell and the purity is 99.99+%. The crucible used in this video holds a bit less than 3 lbs. (about 1.35 Kg) silver.

The underwater footage was taken using a GoPro HERO 3 (Black edition)


Hope you guys learned something new and enjoyed watching this video as much i enjuyed making it.

If you have built a similar furnace, let us all see it - Post a link to a video or pictures of your furnace here in the comments section below.

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