DIY Homemade 12V to 48V DC-DC Converter Solar Panel Battery Electric Bike eBike Charger PC Board

This circuit converts 12V DC from solar panel and battery storage system and produces 48V DC (60V) to charger the battery pack in my DAYMAK Austin electric bike. Faster charge than OEM charger. Great for someone driving an RV from campground to campground with an e bike on the back for short trips once they get to their destination. This circuit will keep the batteries fully charged and ready to go. You can also use this with a 12V battery charger charger if you original charger has given up the ghost. Or you could have a solar panel charge a battery during the day and use the energy stored to charge your electric bicycle or EV for "free" at night. Automatic circuit switches to trickle charging after battery is completely fast charged.
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