DIY Powerwall Update with New Charge Controllers, Solid State Relay, BMS and more batteries.

Here is an update to my DIY Powerwall.
I have added another 3.3kw worth of batteries (Mobius Power Medical batts)
I have also installed a ZEVA 12s BMS for the Tesla Batteries.
There is now 50amp breakers for each shelf of batteries.
The 1st Grid Tie Inverter has a Solid State Relay that is controlled via the MPPT 60 150 charge controller.
Oh and there is a MPPT 60 150 that I added (It has 4ea 285w panels connected, which produces upto 1.1kw)
The main charge controller I have has an extra row of solar panels connected.
1st row = 4ea 315w Canadian Solar, 4ea Hanwha 330w panels
2nd row = 9ea Suntech 285w panels

I currently do not use any video editing software and dont really like wasting time on it, so these videos are shot in one take.
I am down to earth and doing this shows that I make mistakes like everyone else and I crack myself up when I watch the videos and see my mistakes.
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