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DIY Rechargible Copper Zinc Battery with Epsom Salt

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today i was in my shed and saw the Voltaic Pile i'd made when i was 8-9 and wondered if that battery chemistry was rechargeable or if i could make it rechargeable by changing the electrolyte. simple answer is yes.

a Voltaic Pile doesnt actually work too well with a sodium chloride electrolyte. upon charging and discharging the plates corrode a lot. whereas with an epsom salt solution it only corrodes the plates minimally then by applying a charge you can reverse the reaction on the plates.

each charge/discharge cycle does create a small amount of Copper Hydroxide witch falls to the bottom of the cell but it is such a small amount that i could prolly get many cycles from this battery before the plates fully corroded.

this cell's terminal voltage is about 0.8v after sitting for a while and has about 7mah of capacity. it would be interesting to experiment with this battery chemistry more if only it would supply more amps and a higher terminal voltage.

the song is "Lung Bubbles" by Professor Kliq.

video still didn't come out how i wanted but fuck it i'm not spending another 8 hours on it haha.

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