DIY Rocket Stove - Simple Homemade Rocket Stove

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After seeing a couple of rocket stove videos on YouTube, I thought building one for myself would be a great idea. I like the thought of being able to cook a meal or boil water with nothing but a handful of twigs.

If there is a natural disaster or some other emergency situation where you don't have electricity, running water, or natural gas, being able to cook or boil water some other way will be a necessity and being able to do so efficiently, with a very small amount of fuel is very important.

I watched dozens of other videos on YouTube about building rocket stoves and a lot of them seem unnecessarily complicated. I wanted to find a design that was extremely simple and they came across a video by desertsun02. His video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmDYUrVHPWc

The design is incredibly simple and it takes maybe a minute or two to put it together.

In the video by desertsun02, he uses 3 regular cinder blocks and an H shaped block. I checked my local Lowes and Home Depot and couldn't find an H shaped block so I substituted a brick and 2 pavers to make my H shape.

Cost of materials for this simple stove:

Cinder blocks $1.54 x 3 = $4.62
Pavers $1.70 x 2 = $3.40
Brick $0.30

total - $8.32 -- the pavers were the most expensive part of this project. If you can find the H shaped block you can put one of these together for less than $7.00
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