DIY Solar Air Heater! - Solar Thermal STEEL "DOWN-SPOUT" Air Heater! - Easy DIY (Full instr.) 140F

DIY Solar Air Heater. The STEEL DOWNSPOUT Solar Air Heater! video includes full instructions w/materials list. reaches high temps (140F+). the internal fan (3-speed) has strong airflow *and is solar powered. the collector is similar to a metal can solar heater but uses steel rain gutter "downspout pipe" instead. one advantage; makes it easy to add extra thermal mass (*one example, just drop crushed aluminum cans (or rocks if you don't mind the weight) down the downspouts to add significant thermal mass. experiments with that will be a future vid.) couple of things not noted in the video: the downspout used is pretty standard (2" x 3" and made of galvanized steel) and a 1 1/4" hole saw was used to drill the inlet holes at bottom. lastly, when you're done experimenting, seal it up according to your climate conditions... *finally, if you need to get into it later, remember that it's much easier to "reverse out" the screws on the back than to remove the glass
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