DIY Solar Heater: How to Build a Passive Solar Heater for Free Heat and Solar Cooking

DIY Solar Heater: How to Build a Passive Solar Heater for Free Heat and Solar Cooking



Passive solar heaters and other DIY solar cooking projects are increasingly popular and are easy ways to try DIY simple solar cookers and passive solar window heaters. Watch this video to learn how to build solar heaters that are quick, easy, and cool to experiment with.

What Do You Need to Build To Builder Your DIY Solar Heater/Cardboard Solar Oven:

- Cardboard Box
- Box Cutter
- Black Paint
- Glass Square
- (if for a DIY solar cooker/DIY solar oven) black Dutch oven or drying rack

Why Should You Make a Homemade Solar Cooker?

This cardboard solar heater is a great (and cheap!) solar heat boxproject for people curious about passive solar ideas but don't want to invest in solar panels or complex electronics. It can be used for solar heating of food, solar air heat if you circulate the air going into your simple solar heater, or a thousand other uses. Knowing how to build solar heaters is easier and more usable than knowing how to build solar ovens, so start construction!

Now that you know how to make solar cookers that double as solar heat collectors, browse the HowToFixUp channel for more DIY construction projects and home improvement ideas.

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Want written instructions for your solar heater? Check out: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Box-Solar-Oven/
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