DIY Solar Panels and Wind Turbines at home.

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Learn how to build affordable DIY solar panels and Wind Turbines.

The plans come with full materials list from home depot or your favorite local home improvement/hardware stores. Every step-by-step instruction video is very clear to hear and understand in this guide.
*Please note you must have some craft skills/your own tools to be able to build these panels.*

A beginner's manual & videos to walk you through the mechanics of wind energy, how it is produced, and how you can build your own wind turbine and do it affordable!

-Step-by-step instructions show you how to build your own solar panels and wind turbines!
-Great guide to teach you how to install your DIY green power plant in your own home, or anywhere you like.
-Plenty of pictured and diagrams, videos to boost instruction!
-Produce your household energy for free!
-All materials needed to make this complete system is available world wide!
~ Over $250 value~

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