DIY Solar Tracker 2 Axis

I made this solar tracker for less than $15 (AUD) and took about an hour to make, it works perfectly with no complex circuits, this is my first attempt at making a solar tracker.

I made it as a "proof of concept project" with inspiration from some other You-Tube video's that I had watched and took it a step further by making it a dual axis device.

This system is powered by a 60 watt light bulb in the video but works much better in direct sunlight and only needs 1.5 – 2 volts to function. There are no fancy circuits on this tracker, just 4 small solar cells and 2 geared 1.5 volt dc motors.

The turntable is made of polystyrene foam and has only 1 small screw to connect the motor to the turntable. The U section is held together with bamboo skewers and is connected to the turntable and held in place with toothpicks. The model is very flimsy as I just wanted to make it as fast as possible and took about an hour to make once I had all the materials I needed from beginning to end.

All measurements were done by guess work, as it was just simpler this way, I will take measurements so I can make a better one next time.

More info will be available soon about the turntable construction that I made from scratch for less than $6 including the dc motor.
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