DIY- Solar Tracker.

DIY- Solar Tracker:-
The Stuff which you need for circuit
1. Arduino Uno Board
2. 2* BO Motors with Screws
3. 6v 100ma Solar panel
4. Breadboard with Jumpers wires
5. 4* 10k ohm resistaance
6. 4* LDRs (Light Dependent Resistor)
int ldrtopl = 2; //top left LDR
int ldrtopr = 1; //top right LDR
int ldrbotl = 3; // bottom left LDR
int ldrbotr = 0; // bottom right LDR

There are 4 LDRs on top of the solar panel. The micro-controller (arduino uno) measures light in terms of varying analog voltage by the function of "analogRead()". Thus each four function measures the light intensity in terms of analog voltage at each LDRs.

int topl = analogRead(ldrtopl);
int topr = analogRead(ldrtopr);
int botl = analogRead(ldrbotl);
int botr = analogRead(ldrbotr);

Since there is four Section
Top || Top
Left || Right
Bottom || Bottom
Left || Right
int avgtop = (topl + topr) / 2; //average of top LDRs
int avgbot = (botl + botr) / 2; //average of bottom LDRs
int avgleft = (topl + botl) / 2; //average of left LDRs
int avgright = (topr + botr) / 2; //average of right LDRs
It finds the average value of the four seection Top, Bottom, Left and Right.
And by comparing this values it provides the command to Motors.
Download circuit and arduino code from the below link:-

Design link will appear soon..........
Stay tuned
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