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Awesome energy efficient do-it-yourself mason jar light.

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Making a mason jar light and this is a wide mouth jar.

LED bulb and this was the most expensive component.

The electric cord. The light fixture.

The hanging hardware.

The on off switch.

And the decorative chain.

All supplies can be found online or at your local hardware store.

You can probably find a lighting kit if you want to purchase everything together.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a mason jar light.

All of the action happens with the lid.

Time to drill holes. The center hole is for the light fixture.

I am drilling four vent holes. LED lights do not give off heat, like other types of bulbs, but it is good idea anyway.

Keep your work area neat. hahaha

I'm using a hand held rotary tool, dremel, to remove any sharp edges.

Screw the nipple through the center hole in the lid.

Next, we need to work with the light bulb fixture. Grab a screwdriver and take the top off to access the terminal screws.

Thread the wire through the hanging bracket and through the nipple.

Add the locking nut and tighten in place to secure the lid.

Next, thread on the top of the light fixture to the nipple, and secure in place.

Something I want to mention. And I learned this the hard way. Hahaha

My power cord has the plug end re-attached. Therefore, I should have fed the cord through the decorative chain before running the wires through the nipple and attaching the light fixture.

Strip wires as needed and attach the wires to the light fixture.

Be sure to twist the wires.

Tighten the wires under the appropriate terminal screw. Make sure there are no stray wires.

Place the tiny locking screws in place, this fixture has two little screws. Make sure everthing is lined up properly and tighten everything.

Once the fixture is solidly mounted to the lid it is time to insert the bulb.

I'm using a LED bulb. Yes, LED bulbs are very expensive. This one was about 15 dollars. It is 40 watts equivalent and should last 25000 hours, which is about 15 years of normal usage.

And the amazing feature, the yearly energy cost is 58 cents. Yep 58 cents a year.

So, even though the bulb cost a lot initially, the energy required is basically nothing.

For a sailboat, RV, or camp this is critical.

And here is the finished light.

Notice I do not have the decorative chain in place, and I have not installed the on off switch yet.

I had to take everything apart and start over. As I shared a little earlier, I should have added the decorative chain first. Arrrrr.

The finished light installed in our sailboat.

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